Pamporovo Ski info

Pamporovo ski resort offers ski runs of different difficulty levels. The ski-zone trails cover all the levels from the European trail-difficulty colour-rating system. There are the beginner green pistes with long and easy slopes, the intermediate blue and red pistes, and a couple of the black expert rides. The overall length of the ski runs is 37km. Together with the cross-country skiing trails they add up to 65km. Green and blue runs constitute the largest piece of the ski area. Pamporovo is especially suitable for cross-country skiing. Going through the forests of Rhodopes Mountain, trails reach the nearby village of Mugla. Pamporovo ski resort is very easy to navigate – all the runs start from Snezhanka Peak (1926m), which can be seen from every corner of the ski area on account of the TV tower erected on its top.
Pamporovo ski resort has a lot to offer in terms of conditions for snowboarding and freestyle skiing, too. The FunPark has a very favourable location right next to the lifts. It has three lines for different skill levels and offers various devices, boxes, bends, rails and jumps. The pride of the park is the 4.8 m high and 105 m long half-pipe – unique for Southeastern Europe, which hosts many international competitions. The attractive equipment draws beginners and experts alike to the area.


The terrain in Pamporovo is ideally suited for first-time skiers and boarders with a lot of light slopes to make their first turns. That is actually what Pamporovo is most popular for – its conditions for beginner skiers. Coupled with its superb ski school, which has won many awards, and its compact ski zone, where it’s easy to keep track of your location, no wonder families love the resort so much.

A good and very easy run is Pamporovo (N6), a.k.a. “Turisticheskata”. The beginning of the run is at Snezhanka Peak and it uses the route of the driveway to the top, passes through the Yazovira area, descents to the Studenets hut and goes through the Dvata mosta tunnel, finishing at the Malina meadows. This track is often packed with tourists, though (its name means “The Tourist Run”), so keep that in mind. Vertical drop: ~ 476 m, length: 3943 m. Due to its length, it is served by a number of chairlifts.

Another very gentle slope is Orlovetz (N7) - known as "Avtogarata" (“The Bus Station”). It starts behind the Studenets hut at 1700 m altitude. The track runs along the clearing under Studenets N1 lift and ends at Pamporovo bus station (1570 m). This trail is used for skiing back to the resort. Length: 1054 m


Intermediate skiers will also find Pamporovo much to their liking. There are many pistes suitable for improving their level.
Ski run Yazovira (N1), a.k.a. “Malkata Stena” (“The Little Wall”), is one of the intermediate runs. The beginning of the track is at 1900 m above sea level on the south-east ridge of Snezhanka Peak and its end is at 1785 m, near the dam. The slope is flatter at the beginning, becoming steeper towards the end. It is served by the Yazovira anchor draglift. Vertical drop: ~ 155 m, length: 857 meters.

A suitable and light piste is Smolyanski Ezera (N9), (Smolyan Lakes). It begins at Snezhanka Peak, going down through the south plateau, then entering the forest and making a big left turn towards the bottom station of the N4 chairlift from Smolyan Lakes to Snezhanka. The piste is served by that same facility. Vertical drop: ~ 390m, length: 2405 m.

Another runs to try are Perelik (N8), a.k.a. “Yuzhnata” (“The Southern one”) with a length of 876 m, Delyovo Dere (N10) (Delyo's Deep) with a length of 1447 m, Stoykite 1 (N12), with a length of 3638 m and Stoykite 2 (N12а), with a length of 3591 m. The last two are served by the modern and new 6-seater N6 chairlift.

The more advanced of the riders should enjoy ski run Malina (N5), also called “Ardashla”. The beginning of the track is at 1910 m above sea level on the western part of the ridge of Snezhanka Peak. The piste takes a large right turn and finishes at the Malina meadows (1475 m). It is served by the 3-seater N5 chairlift. Vertical drop: ~ 476, length: 2799 m.
Another runs to try are the Snezhankas (N4 and N4а), with a length of 1342 m + 1258 m, and Kartola (N11), with a length of 967 m.


The main expert piste, where the international competitions are conducted, is Stenata (The Wall) run (N2). It has been recently homologued and recultivated with a new final base with accordance to all FIS requirements for professional tournaments. Stenata begins at 1926 m above sea level, next to Snezhanka TV tower. The track descends to the right, reaching its steepest and most impressive sector right before the Studenets hut. The finishing line is at 1700 m altitude in front of the Monastery hut. This is the oldest and most famous run in Pamporovo. It is served by the 4-seater Studenets chairlift (N2). Vertical drop: ~ 285 m, length: 1258 m. The Stenata piste is lighted during the evening. If the conditions are good, the night skiing starts at 18:00 and ends at 22:00.

Another ski run suitable for experts is N3. The start is at 1920 m above sea level. It makes a turn to the right followed by a steep descent towards the area called Dvata Mosta (The Two Bridges) at 1600 m. It is served by the 4-seater N7 chairlift. Vertical drop: ~ 405 m, length: 1766 meters.

Expert riders should also try the aforementioned N4 Snezhanka run. The beginning of the piste is the same as that of N3 run, but it goes to the left where N3 turns right. Then it follows a very steep descent down to the Malina meadows at 1475 meters above sea level. It is served by the 3-seater N5 chairlift.

Freeriding among the trees in Pamporovo is pure pleasure – the diverse slopes and the suitable forests make for an appealing combination of enjoyment and safety, for there are no avalanches and the chance of getting lost is little.



Pamporovo ski resort is ideal for families with children. If you want to have the opportunity to hit the slopes yourselves and at the same time make sure your children are safe, having fun and learning to ski, the ski kindergarten at the children’s area of ski center Malina is the right place to check out. It is for children aged 4 to 7 and its goal is to combine learning with fun. The service can be used for half a day or for a whole day (9.00h to 16.30h) with lunch included. The kindergarten staff speaks Russian, English and Bulgarian. There’s also ski school for children aged 7 to 12.